Known as the pearl of Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik is the UNESCO World Heritage site popular for its baroque architecture. Before settling in the port and exploring this Croatian gem, our recommendation is to have a brief sightseeing cruise around its world famous city walls, to have a proper introduction into Dubrovnik’s beauty and majestic position on the southern Croatian coast.

Often named as a fairytale walled city and perfect mini break destiation, Dubrovnik offers plenty even for a several-day stay. Whether you’re into historical sightseeing, a Game of Thrones tour, cable car ride with astonishing views, kayaking beneath the majestic walls or simply enjoying a cocktail afternoon in one of its well-designed restaurants or bars, there are plenty of options to enjoy your visit to Dubrovnik.

There are many history facts and details we could share with you regarding this Croatian gem adored by all the yacht charters exploring Croatia, but its very uniqueness lies in its monumental look and allure, giving its visitors a feeling they stepped into a movie set full of vivid architectural details and lively spots. Exploring the city walls, a walk on the most famous inner city promenade Stradun, the Loggia Square, Fort Lovrijenac and Franciscan monasteries make for a great day of cultural exploration.

When one wants to escape to quieter places, our team can take you to the most secluded locations to enjoy salty atmosphere and simple life. Dubrovnik is surrounded with gorgeous natural sites that provide a relaxing afternoon break. The Elaphite archipelago consists of three main islands, Kolocep (Kalamota), Lopud and Sipan, as well as other stunning beach spots that make Croatian coast truly unique.

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