Islands of Croatia

Docking in various islands of southern Croatia throughout your cruise makes for a blissful sailing journey since every single island is a world of its own, providing a stunning insight into the local lifestyle and offering a myriad of gorgeous vistas as well as lovely experiences.


Maybe the best known island stop is the island of Hvar, a host to numerous yacht charters in Croatia from early season to sunny October days. Apart from its natural beauties and carrying the title of the sunniest spot in the country (2724 sunny hours each year), this place is also the most luxurious location in the southern archipelago. Even though you might read the island is famous as a party destination, there are plenty of hidden gems and and quiet bays that provide just the right dose of peace for a relaxing afternoon. Elegant restaurants and lovely bars with a wide wine list and cocktails are definitely the Hvar’s forte, providing both authentic and local wine bottles as well as a range of well-known cocktail and champagne menus.


With its rich cultural heritage, Korčula offers plenty of lovely attractions, from numerous historic spots and local artisan boutiques to cozy and authentic konobas (Croatian word for resturants) where one can taste the best of maritime cuisine Croatia can offer. The island’s numerous and colorful narrow streets create a fishbone pattern of the town’s centre, making it a one of the most interesting locations to explore in Southern Croatia. A must do: admire the sunset (we recommend visiting the top of the Old Town’s tower and instagram the spectacular view).


According to Travel and Leisure, the Pucisca village on the island of Brac is one of the European most beautiful villages in the world. Sounds like enough reason to make a stop on your yacht cruise through Croatian islands! Long unwinding stroll along the promenade, wandering the narrow streets of the village and cute little shops with its unique souvenirs are a perfect introduction to the whole island, full of surprising corners and spots.

The mysterious Blaca Desert, hidden between the high cliffs of the canyon and known for its ancient monastery and unique scenery, as well as Vidova Gora, the highest point of all the Adriatic islands (778 m) are one of the main island’s locations to pay a visit.


The most distant populated island in Croatia, the island of Vis, is still rarely visited by tourists and makes for the right cruise location to revel in peacful surroundings and views. Its cute little town, Komiža, hosts one of the most gorgeous promenades on the Croatian coast and provides a special kind of local vibe to its visitors: the most easy-going and relaxing you’ll meet on your easy yacht trip. Even if you cruise with a bigger crowd, every one of you can find a quiet bay or spot for „me“ time and reflection.

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