Greek islands

With more than 5,000 islands and islets, making a list of the most beautiful spots in Greek archipelago is a difficult task. For years yacht charters in Greece have found an abundance of inspiration cruising these gorgeous locations – we are mentioning just a few of them to inspire your next sailing trip.

A dose of romance and bit of nightlife make a perfect journey combination, located on lovely and picturesque blue Santorini. Another astounding combination, the crystal blue sea and white houses of Fira, have been an attraction hardly any yacht cruisers could resist on their sailing trips to Greece. Red or White Beach, Kamari or Perissa, you cannot go wrong with this Greek gem.

Santorini skyline at night with buildings in Greece.
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Close to Corfu but a bit more secluded lies the island of Paxi, the largest Ionian island. Smaller and less know than the other must-visit locations in the Greek archipelago, it’s a perfect haven of tranquility for yacht cruisers. Stunning beaches include a number of lovely bays such as Soulanena, Kloni Gouli, Gianna, Kipiadi and Sterna Bay.

For those looking for a more secluded spot for cruising and unwinding, a part of the Sporades group of islands is the location to sail to, leaded by the charming Skyros island. Calm and gorgeous sea combined with a number of activities on the land (it is home to Mount Olympus, a hot spot for all those in search of a daily activity while sailing) make Skyros an ideal off-the-path destination for a two-day cruising trip while exploring the Aegan Sea. Best beaches to hit: Gyrismata, Ahrounes , Palamari, and Atitsa.

Being one of the most popular destinations in Greece, yacht cruisers have been aiming on fun-filled Mykonos for years now. The island might have been wildly popular but it’s beauty has remained intact. The island’s laid-back vibe remains one of it’s main charming characteristic, combining it with great restaurants and cocktail bars as well as nightlife offer.

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